• Sustainable Fuel from Waste

    A "win-win" solution: Turning a social problem into a solution of an environmental problem


    Converting Waste Cooking Oil into

    Sustainable Fuel

  • Two Problems One Solution

    At MotionECO, we are creating the market for renewable diesel made from used cooking oil that can be used in transportation, public services and logistics - anywhere that conventional diesel is used. We break the cycle of cooking oil reuse in kitchens to provide clean, sustainable, low-carbon fuels to power diesel engines.

    A Social Problem

    Food Safety and Human Health Issues

    Every year, million tons of wasted cooking oil and "gutter oil" are illegally collected and reused as cooking oil again in China, creating potential health risks

    An Environmental Problem

    Global GHG Emission and Air Pollution

    Transportation sector stands for 25% of the global GHG emission and is one of the major contributor to air pollution.

    With MotionECO, we form a market for those Biofuel to be used in air, road, marine and ports, across sectors like public services, logistics, transportations, and etc.


  • Our Approach




    • Sustainable biofuel marketing, distribution and logistics
    • Biofuel sustainability and carbon auditing and certification
    • Pilot project design, implementation and evaluation
    • Biofuel brokerage




    • IOT based collection digital platform
    • Full traceability from the Point of Origin

    • Prevent illegal collection

    • ISCC & RSB Certification complied

  • What's Happening

    Sustainable Biofuels

    Waste feedstocks can be converted to Biodiesel, Biojet and Biomarine fuel that may be used in different transportation sectors

    Wasted Cooking Oil and "Gutter Oil"

    Not only wasted cooking oil from the kitchen and left overs may be collected but also "gutter oil" from the sewer

    Buses On "Gutter Oil"

    In Shanghai, more than 100 buses has been running via B5/B10 blended biodiesel produced from locally collected "gutter oil"

    Biofuel for Aviation

    Biojet fuel is proven to be the solution to reduce GHG emission in the Aviation sector, Dutch Royal Airline KLM is the first to launch commercial route with Biojet fuel.

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