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123Carbon’s partnership with MotionEco brings carbon insetting to the Asian-Pacific

Schiphol-Oost / Shanghai / Hong Kong, February 15th, 2024

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123Carbon, the award-winning, independent carbon insetting platform for multimodal transportation, and MotionEco, a Shanghai-based consultancy firm specialising in sustainable fuels supply chain and sustainable transport solutions, today announced the introduction of carbon insetting for transportation in the Asian-Pacific region. MotionEco will be working with fuel providers, fleet operators, freight forwarders and shippers in the region – acting as an implementation and consultation partner for the advanced platform of 123Carbon.

The air, marine, and road transportation sectors face increasing pressures to meet and exceed UN climate goals from cargo owners, regualtors and financiers. Carbon insetting provides fuel providers and carriers with the opportunity to recover their decarbonization costs by generating digital certificates that can be allocated to their customers, or the broader market. Unlike offsetting, insets are recognized by the Greenhouse Gas protocal to reduce emissions within the transportation supply chain, rather than compensate for them through offsetting in external schemes.

This partnership combines both the technology and the expertise that is needed to successfully implement a carbon insetting strategy, based on globally accepted Book & Claim methodologies and the GLEC-framework for emissions accounting within transportation.

The partnership will focus on promoting the use of locally produced low carbon biofuels to be used in local planes, ships and trucks. This will allow operators to sell their verified emissions to global customers, which will not only accelerate the decarbonization of transportation, but also shorten fuel supply chains.

Jeroen van Heiningen, Managing Director of 123Carbon, said:Our partnership with MotionEco is the first carbon insetting specific partnership to be launched in the APAC-market. After winning the Captain’s Table in November 2023, during Hong Kong Maritime week, 123Carbon started exploring collaborative opportunities with a knowledgeable local partner. MotionEco’s expertise on fuel certification (ISCC, RSB) and biofuel accounting, its presence in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and its focus on the aviation, marine and road markets, makes them an exciting partner for us.

Shutong Liu, Managing Director of MotionEco, said: “123Carbon offers a unique carbon insetting platform that is quickly becoming the market standard. We embrace the opportunity to introduce the platform to our existing and new customers, and extend our current offering. Our customers are working with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Biodiesel, marine biofuels, and other technologies. Insetting provides them with the opportunity to recover the premium that is typically related to these low carbon fuels”.

Both companies are active partners of Smart Freight Centre (SFC), a global non-profit organization focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation, including standard setting for emission calculation and reporting, and guidelines for topics such as insetting. SFC developed the widely adopted GLEC Framework, which is used as a basis for the recently launched ISO14083.

About 123Carbon

123Carbon was founded to accelerate the decarbonisation of transportation. The industry needs to be able to make investments in carbon reduction projects on behalf of customers and beyond, and allocate the resulting carbon reductions to organisations wishing to pay for their transportation emissions. That solution is called carbon insetting.

Developed collaboratively with the industry, for the industry, 123Carbon provides the first independent one-stop shop for carbon insetting, empowering organisations to own, manage, allocate or buy verified emission reductions generated within their supply chain. For more information visit: or contact us through

123Carbon. Share your impact.

About MotionEco

MotionECO, a company promoting sustainable fuel industry to support the sustainable transition of the global transportation sector. Since 2015, the company has been building a sustainable biofuel and waste based feedstocks supply chain in Asia with a focus on great China area. MotionECO engaging closely with producers, trader, distributor and final fuel customers, providing consultancy, market intelligence, brokage, supply chain tracerbility and ISCC/RSB certification advisory services etc.

MotionECO covers all kinds of sustainable fuels and feedstocks supply chain including Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Biodiesel, Marine biofuels, green methonal and e-fuels etc. For more information visit: or contact us through

MotionECO. the sustainable way to go