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Motioneco enters the final of "The Venture"

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With the 27 finalists of The Venture selected, each business is now competing for your vote to win a share of an initial $250,000 of the competition’s $1Million fund.

From Monday 9th May to the 13th June, you can vote for your favourite Venture finalist. Over the course of five weeks your vote will determine how the first $250,000 in funding is split among the finalists. The remaining $750,000 in funding will be awarded at The Venture Final in July in New York City, after a high stakes pitch in front of The Venture judges.

Meet the 27 finalists here. To cast your vote, simply select your favourite finalist from the panel and use the voting button on the righthand side of the finalist profile page. Watch the short video below to find out how each of your votes across the five week voting period equals funding for The Venture finalists:

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The founder of MotionECO, Shutong Liu, said: “Food safety issues and environmental problems threaten people all over the world, not only China. Our systemic biodiesel solution turns waste cooking oil into biodiesel, which simultaneously tackles the challenges of food safety, waste cooking oil and pollution. We are providing a unique business solution that addresses both the food health and environmental issues. It is social, environmental and economical - a win-win-win solution for people, government and businesses.”