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MotionEco Successfully Launches Green Oil Field project in Nanjing

Aims to deliver 50,000 Liters of green, low-carbon fuel made from locally-produced restaurant waste oil

Nanjing, June 10, 2018: MotionEco kicked off a China-first initiative to collect waste cooking oil and gutter oil from Nanjing to be converted into sustainable, low-carbon Green Fuel for use in diesel vehicles in Nanjing city. The launch event was held at Nanjing’s historic city center in the presence of local government officials, major supply chain partners and a public audience.

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The launch marks China’s first commercial effort to collect and process used cooking oil and gutter oil using a completely open and transparent tracking system to ensure that used cooking oil is never processed back into food products for human use. Green Fuel, completely produced by waste products, not only eliminates waste cooking oil from the food chain, it also provides a high-energy, high-quality transportation fuel that is responsible for 90% less CO2emission when burned compared to the same amount of traditional diesel fuel.

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[“We want to convert every city into a green oil field, to collect and covert the local waste oil into gree fuel, supply to the local logistics fleet, to keep the food safe at the same time contribute to the environment” from Mr. Shutong Liu, Founder and CEO of MotionEco].

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MotionEco aims to provide 50.000 Liters of Green Fuel this year to Nanjing, reducing the CO2emissions of the city’s diesel engine fleet by as much as 125.000 kg

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About MotionEco

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, MotionEco is China’s leading proponent and market knowledge center for waste restaurant oil and Green Fuels such as waste-based biodiesel and Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil (HVO). The company builds bridges between producers of Green Fuel and diesel users that wish to clean up their transportation services and supply chains, helping to provide energy and climate security for China and the world.

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