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SINOPEC Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company (SINOPEC Zhenhai)’s 100,000 ton/year HEFA SAF plant has successfully obtained certification from the RSB, becoming the first RSB-certified SAF production unit in Asia. The certification demonstrates that SINOPEC Zhenhai’s supply chain and production management has met the top sustainability standard, and sets a solid foundation to enter the global market.

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 “I would like to extend my congratulations to SINOPEC Zhenhai on successfully obtaining RSB certification. It is an incredible achievement to become the first RSB-certified SAF production unit in Asia, and as we grow our footprint in the region, I expect their leadership to inspire more businesses throughout the continent. Ensuring sustainability across the growing biofuels industry in Asia is essential, and we look forward to working further with SINOPEC Zhenhai to  strengthen their commitments to sustainability.” – RSB’s Executive Director, Elena Schmidt.

Established in 2020, the Zhenhai plant is the first and only HEFA SAF production unit in China, with SINOPEC Zhenhai owning full proprietary IP of the technology. In the context of China’s carbon neutrality goal, to meet the domestic demand for SAF, SINOPEC Zhenhai launched the pilot production and sustainability certification process of the HEFA SAF unit in August 2021. Supported by MotionECO, SINOPEC Zhenhai has proven to comply with RSB sustainability standards and principles, officially obtaining RSB certification this April.

To further advance the industrial operation and commercial application of SAF, Zhenhai has established a taskforce with SINOPEC research institute and engineering company, under the leadership of SINOPEC group. The taskforce work will include raw material supply chain, production process airworthiness approval work and more.

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About SINOPEC Zhenhai:

Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company (Sinopec ZRCC), located in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, is the largest integrated refining and chemical company in China. With a comprehensive crude oil processing capacity of 23 million tpa and an ethylene capacity of 1 million tpa, ZRCC currently represents the advanced level of China petrochemical industry, Zhenhai’s 100,000 mt/year HEFA unit is the first commercialized SAF production unit in China.

About MotionECO:

MotionECO(道兰环能) established in 2015, A brokage and consultancy company focusing on the supply chain of sustainable biofuel and feedstocks (UCO, UCOME, HVO, SAF etc.) in China. MotionECO is RSB’s member and partner in China, has developed initial study of China SAF roadmap with RSB. Brings significant local knowledge and expertise to the project and will connect international market to key role players across government, NGO, academia and business.